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These items are available at your specified time.

Onion Bhaji $6.99 each
Onions mixed with chick pea flour & deep fried | V

Papdi Chaat $6.99 each
Mouthwatering mixture of chickpeas, potatoes mixed with mint & tamarind sauce

Veggie Samosa $6.99 each
Seasoned green peas & potatoes in crispy pastry shell | V

Gobi Manchurian $9.99 each
Crispy cauliflower florets in tangy sauce | V

Coconut Peppered Shrimp $11.99 each
Shrimp cooked in spicy coconut pepper sauce

Samundri Scallops $12.99 each
Grilled sea scallops served in silky tomato sauce

Chicken Lollipop $10.99 each
Chicken marinated with ginger garlic paste, coated with cornstarch and deep fried

Lamb Goldcoin $11.99 each
Seasoned minced lamb on bread baked inside the oven

Tandoori Wings
Wings marinated in Tandoori sauce cooked in clay oven 6- $8.99 12- $14.99