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V denotes Vegetarian options | Vegan options also available

GF denotes Gluten Free options



$7.99Vegetable Soup of the Day

Chef's special creation

$7.99Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken broth soup with chicken, noodles & vegetables

$9.99Shrimp Bisque

Delicious tomato soup with Tandori shrimp & peas

From The Garden

$8.99Gandhi's Vegetable Salad | V GF

Asian mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato & carrots

$9.99Gandhi's Chicken Tikka Salad

Freshly cut romaine lettuce with julienne chicken tikka


$7.99Veggie Samosa | V

Seasoned green peas & potatoes in crispy pastry shell

Chili Paneerb| Chili Chicken

Sauteed with onion, ginger, garlic, bell peppers & hot sour sauce

Chili Paneer $10.99 | Chili Chicken $11.99

$7.99Onion Bhaji | V

Onions mixed with chick pea flour & deep fried

$12.99Samundri Scallops

Grilled sea scallops served in silky tomato sauce

$7.99Papdi Chaat

Mouthwatering mixture of chickpeas, potatoes mixed with mint & tamarind sauce

$11.99Lamb Goldcoin

Seasoned minced lamb on bread baked inside the oven

$10.99Gobi Manchurian | V

Crispy cauliflower florets in tangy sauce

Chicken Wings

Marinated in Tandoori sauce cooked in clay oven

6 - $9.99 | 12 - $16.99

$11.99Coconut Peppered Shrimp

Shrimp cooked in spicy coconut pepper sauce

From The Clay Oven

Tandoori Chicken

1/2 Chicken $16.99 | Full Chicken $24.99

Chicken marinated in yogurt & spices with onion & bell pepper

$22.99Sheekh Kabab

Minced lamb with aromatic herbs and spices wrapped around a skewer

$19.99Chicken Kabab | Malai Kabab

Boneless white meat chicken marinated in yogurt and mild spices then cooked in clay oven

$24.99Tandoori Shrimp

Jumbo shrimp marinated with saffron and kasturi methi

Hara Bara Kabab | Paneer Tikka

Combination of paneer, brocolli, cauliflower and delicious potatoes stuffed with vegetables

Hara Bara Kabab $18.99 | Paneer Tikka $18.99

$29.99Gandhi's Mixed Grilled Platter

Combination of chicken, shrimp and lamb marinated in Indian spices cooked in clay oven

Chef's Signature Dishes

$24.99Gandhi's Shrimp

Shrimp marinated with ginger garlic paste, coated with chick pea flour and deep fried

$19.99Butter Chicken

Tandoori shredded chicken cooked in a mild creamy tomato gravy with onion and bell peppers

$28.99Nargasi Salmon

Salmon marinated with ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, served with sautéed veggies

$22.99Lamb Roganjosh

Lamb delightfully seasoned with dry ginger and star anise

Lamb Chops

2 Bone $24.99 | 4 Bone $39.99

Lamb chops marinated in hung yogurt and chef’s special blend of spices

$22.99Lamb Kofta Pasanda

Lamb meatball sautéed with Indian spices

Lobster Tail

1 Tail $22.99 | 2 Tails $38.99

Grilled Lobster Tail seasoned with herbs and spices served with sauteed vegetables and flavored rice

$22.99Mixed Seafood Shahi

Shrimp, sea scallops & catch of the day cooked with shahi jeera and rich almond sauce

From Land, Sea & Garden




$24.99Fish (Salmon)


$22.99Goat (On the Bone)



Tikka Masala

Traditional tomato & Cream Gravy with Ginger Garlic


Traditional onion gravy with Ginger and Garam Masala


Mild Cream & Shami Jeera, cooked with a rich almond sauce


Delicately chopped spinach cooked with Indian spices


Spicy Fiery Hot gravy sauce cooked with potatoes


Stew with bell peppers, onions and freshly ground spices

Vegetarian / Vegan

$18.99Muttar Paneer

Green peas and cottage cheese cooked in Indian spices

$18.99Baingan Bharta | Vegan

Mashed grilled eggplant cooked with fresh tomatoes onion and Indian spices

$17.99Muttar Mushroom

Green peas and mushroom cooked in a mild spiced onion and tomato gravy

$18.99Veg Curry | Vegan

Fresh vegetables cooked with ginger garlic and Indian spices

$18.99Spinach Kofta

Croquettes made with spinach and vegetables in mild creamy sauce

$18.99Bhindi Masala | Vegan

Fresh okra stir fried and roasted with crushed spices, tomatoes, onions and cumin powder

$18.99Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Potatoes stuffed with dried nuts and homemade cottage cheese cooked in pasanda sauce

$17.99Chana Masala | Vegan

Chick peas seasoned with tomatoes, onion, ginger cooked in Indian spices

$18.99Aloo Gobi Muttar

Cauliflower, potatoes and peas cooked with ginger garlic and Indian spices

$16.99Dal Tadka | Vegan

Yellow lentils cooked Indian style tempered with curry leaves

$16.99Dal Makhani

Black lentils and kidney beans spiced and sautéed with cream & butter

$17.99Rajma Masala | Vegan

Red kidney beans cooked with ginger garlic and onion base sauce

Rice | Biryani


Plain Rice $3.99
Brown Rice $3.99 | V
Jerra Rice $8.99
Lemon Rice $9.99
Vegetable Pulao $12.99
Chicken Fried Rice $14.99


Chicken $18.99 | Lamb $20.99 | Goat $20.99 | Shrimp $20.99 | Vegetarian $17.99

Long grain basmati rice cooked with mint, cumin, saffron and homemade biryani masala



$5.99Peshawari Naan

A bread made of refine flour stuffed with coconut, almonds, cashews and raisins

$4.50Garlic Naan

$4.99Bullet Naan

A bread made of refine flour topped with jalapeño and green chili

$5.99Lachha Parantha

$5.99Cheese Naan

$3.99Tandoori Roti | V

$5.99Aloo Parantha

A bread made of wheat flour stuffed with potatoes


$7.99Sautéed Vegetables



$3.99Mango Chutney

$3.99Mixed Pickles


$9.99Dal Makhani

Kids Menu

$9.99Chicken Tikka

$9.99Chicken Malai Tikka

(Boneless White Meat Chicken Served with Rice)

$8.99Grilled Cheese Sandwich

$8.99Macaroni & Cheese

$8.99Chicken Nuggets

$4.99French Fries

Lunch Menu

Lunch is only available between 11:30 AM & 3:00 PM every day

Lunch Street Kitchen

$8.99Chicken Kathi Roll

Indian bread wrapped with spicy chicken

$9.99Indian bread wrapped with spicy chicken

Delicious egg wrap stuffed with twist flavored chicken

$9.99Lamb Kabab Rolls

Lamb wrapped with Naan Bread in delicious home made sauce

$8.99Paneer Tikka Rolls

Home made cottage cheese wrapped in Indian bread

Lunch Thali

$12.99Chicken Tikka Masala

Chick peas or Daal/Veg curry rice and Naan

$12.99Chicken Tandoori

Chick peas or Daal/Veg Curry Rice and Naan

$14.99Lamb Rogan Josh

Chick Peas or Daal/Veg curry rice and Naan

$12.99Vegetarian Thali

Saag Paneer or Paneer Tikka Masala Chick Peas/Veg curry, rice and Naan


Gandhi's House Vegetarian Soup

Small 12 oz. $4.99
Large 16 oz. $6.99

Chicken Corn Soup

Small 12 oz. $5.99
Large 16 oz. $7.99

Gandhi's Street Kitchen

$9.99Chicken Tikka Salad

Freshly cut Romaine lettuce with Jullienes of chicken tikka

$7.99Pan Puri

Crispy balls stuffed with spiced chick peas and potato served with sweet and sour water

$7.99Papri Chaat

Chick peas and potato mixed with mint & tamarind served crispy crackers and sweet yogurt

$8.99Bhel Puri

Spicy Bhel mixed with mint chutney served with home made Puri

$9.99Channa Bathura

Tangy & flavored Cheak peas served with floppy bread

$7.99Pav Bhaji

Buttery mashed vegetables served with golden buns

$7.99Desi Paneer Stick

Croquettes made with Paneer, spinach, potato coated with bread crumbs and deep fried

$9.99Masala Dosa

Crispy rice and lentil, pancake stuffed with spiced potato


Gulab Jamun

Piece $1.99 | Pound $10.00


Piece $1.99 | Pound $10.00


Piece $1.99 | Pound $10.00

Kaju Barfi

Piece $1.99 | Pound $12.00

Kaju Kesar Barfi

Piece $1.99 | Pound $12.00

Peda White

Piece $2.50 | Pound $14.00

Peda Kesar

Piece $2.50 | Pound $14.00


$5.99Tila Kulfi

$6.99Pistachio Kulfi


$3.50Vanilla Ice Cream

$4.50Vanilla Ice Cream

$3.50Coconut Ice Cream

Spice levels can be adjusted

Some dishes contain nut products. If uncertain please allow our staff to advise you